2021-05-11 Exporting multiple Sheets

Multiple versions of a Floorplan are called "Sheets" and can now be exported with one API call.

Fieldwire now allows users to export and view multiple Sheets in one PDF export. All the sheets must belong to the same project. But they don't have to be on the same Floorplan.

See more: Sheets#batch_exportsheets


File type Support

Works with JPEG, PDF files formats only.

POST /api/v3/projects/:project_id/sheets/batch_export

This is a 2-step process.

  1. First, initiate the Sheet export; which generates a "jid" or job id for our backend to process the exporting into PDF file asynchronously.
POST /api/v3/projects/:project_id/sheets/batch_export

  "sheet_ids": ["58ca4816-d39d-4a0f-8633-9991fe08b67f", "080f7c06-b687-4745-9063-c280704512c7"],
  "file_name": "Sheets",
  "options": {
    "attachments": true, 
    "forms": true, 
    "photos": true, 
    "floorplans": true,
    "markups": true

# Response Body
# 202 Accepted
  "jid": "e82581ce-c8c1-4e16-b7cc-82bd13f56d10"
  1. Second, do another request to the same path but this time using the "jid" as the body.
POST  /api/v3/projects/:project_id/sheets/batch_export

{ "jid" : "e82581ce-c8c1-4e16-b7cc-82bd13f56d10" }

# Response Body
# 200 Successful Response
  "url": "Sheets.pdf"


Size Restriction

Maximum 50 Sheets at a time can be exported
A 50MB file size restriction is placed on the individual Sheet.
A 500MB file size restriction is placed on the total combined of all the Sheets.