Api endpoint request: get all tasks for user (Account-wide)

Hi! Are you planning to faciliate an endpoint what could send all the tasks related to a specific user, but Account-wide? This would be helpful (for me at least), because i want to present all related tasks for some users, who has not time and enough perception to follow alarms or huge amount of notificaion emails about it. I would show them tasks where "owner" is a given user id. Thanks for the reply! WBR: Attila

API 3.1 Webhook response help

Hi! I have a weird (?) behavior of the 3.1 webhook. If i catch it via AWS lambda, it sends a proper response, i can handle it, etc. But if i just emulate an endpoint, or i run a mondoDB https endpoint, the response comes three times. I test it with a simple task movement, from a column to another, so it would send only one "update" type response, but somehow it triplets. Is it somehow connection with sending back status 201? Thx for answer. WBR: Attila

Issue in create attachment API

I am using create new attachment API "<https://client-api.{region}{project_id}/attachments"> to upload a document to Fieldwire. I am using the below request body while calling the POST API request mentioned above **{ "creator_user_id": \<user_id>, "last_editor_user_id": \<user_id>, "file_url": "<document url>", "name": "Test Document Google Drive.pdf", "folder_id": "<folder id>", "kind": "file" }** After the API call, I see the document added under a project and under a specific folder in Fieldwire. But when I try to access the document I am getting the below error. ![]( FYI, I uploaded my document in google drive and provided access to everyone. I am able to access the document from any browser (because it is shared with everyone) and I use the same URL in my post request for**file_url**. But everything is working fine if I use any of the existing attachments url in Fieldwire during my POST API request.

Is there any API call where I can get the attachments by project and folder also?

<https://client-api.{region}{project_id}/attachments> Above API call is providing all the attachments based on project and there is no filter by folder.

I need to update the status field(dropdown) in a form inside project over api. How wil I do it

I need to update the status field(dropdown) in a form inside project over api. How wil I do it

how to create a new task_types record

Hi, trying to create a new task_types record so we can make the visibilty of task_type_attributes specific to a category. I can use GET <{{ProjectID}}/task_types> to retreive the task_types which show just the one record "default" If I try a POST to that endpoint it returns an error 404 not found.

Use the JWT to access EU

hello, I have a project hosted on the European servers but I can't use the api to access it. I can get a JWT with "URL = "<"> body = {"api_token": "<API token>"}". But when I try to use ""<""> in a command for example, I get back "{"errors":["Please use JWT for authentication"]}"" even though I write ".header("Authorization", "Token api=<JWT>".

i want all the task list from but api have limit of 1000 records only

if i have 2600 task records in a single project, how can i get that data i api, can someone please help me out.

Fieldwire Form Topics

Is there a way to pull data from specific form attributes across projects? For example, I want to know what Safety Topics our teams are attaching to their safety form each week. The attribute would be Short Text in a table.

Is there an API to get all the watchers of all tasks in a Project

I'm looking for an API similar to <{project_id}/tasks/tags> but instead of returning the tag ids it returns the user ids. Is this a possibility? Currently it appears there isn't even an OpenAPI documented way of collecting the users watching a specific task. Thanks!