Unable to make calls to API

I am trying to use the API Reference docs to try the Create Project API endpoint. When i am adding my API Token, the regex is failing, as i assume this is looking for a 40 character string and I am receiving a 64 character string from the API Token. The only response I get when i press the "Try Me!" button is a 401: not authorized response. I have tried this with multiple generated tokens and am having the same issue each time. I have also tried running this in postman and am getting a similar issue.

what does this error mean?

Entity not found: (Active) Project with ids

How do I get form data through the API

How do I get form data through the API?

Fieldwire API for Creating Labels

I am currently working on creating projects using the Fieldwire API, and I've been following the instructions provided on the Fieldwire website. However, I've run into an issue when it comes to creating labels. It seems like I can only create labels within the Fieldwire app itself and not through an API call. I was wondering if you could provide me with some guidance on how to create labels using the API?

Get Subfolder and Files in Folders?

Hello, how can I get the subfolders and files inside the projects folders? I can get the folders with this: https://developers.fieldwire.com/reference/get_folders_in_project but I can't find how to get the actual contents. Weirdly, the folders are also marked as "kind: attachment"? I just need to get the projects folders and all its contents for a one-way sync from Fieldwire to our local servers.

Photos non enregistrées fans l'API et non rattachées à l'API

Bonjour, Ces deux dernières semaines, j'ai constaté que lors de l'édition d'un rapport, il manquait des photos à certaines tâches (une partie voir la totalité). Par exemple, ce mardi, il me manquait 62 photos sur 175 photos. Heureusement, celles-ci étaient bien toutes enregistrés sur mon mobile, mais n'ont pas été toutes transmise à l'API. J'ai dû les rattaché manuellement, soit 2h de perdues. Remarque : j'utilise principalement Fieldwire en sous-sol, et il arrive que je ne suis plus connecté à Internet. Est-ce une des raisons ? Si c'est le cas, comment y remédier ? Bien cordialement.

Connect ton PowerBI

When we try to connect API REST in PowerBI, we use this url : https://app.fieldwire.com/api/v3/files/{file_uuid} (we replace file uuid with a project id number) In PowerBI, we use "Wev" authentication with the API Project URL and the API token from our admin panel. Result : "A web API key can only be specified when a web API key name is provided." We need help, thanks.

Access to accounts

I work for Mondak Portables and they use this platform for everyone of are custom fabricated trailers.Im not able to get access to those files and blueprints.How do I get access to all that information so I can use it at work from my smart phone

Webhooks / events

how do I subscirpe to an event within the fieldwire ecosystem to then refelct changes in other software. I want to trigger an automation flow everytime a punchlist is created, with other software there are usually an event system of some sort either a collection of webhooks, graphql subscription or other pub/sub event system, how can I achieve that in field wire

Upload a local file as a new attachment via api request

Using the Fieldwire UI, the "+ New File" button enables me to upload a file from disk, which appears to then be hosted from Fieldwire's own S3 bucket However, the API endpoint - https://app.fieldwire.com/api/v3/projects/{project_id}/attachments Does not appear to enable posting a file via multipart upload or other means, and instead only has: file_url - string - required URL of the potential processed file When using this method, it appears Fieldwire does not actually download the file from file_url, but instead acts as a middleman and serves the file from the passed file_url Is there a way using the API to upload a file to Fieldwire's S3 bucket? (in the same way the Fieldwire UI does?)