how to create a new task_types record

Hi, trying to create a new task_types record so we can make the visibilty of task_type_attributes specific to a category. I can use GET <{{ProjectID}}/task_types> to retreive the task_types which show just the one record "default" If I try a POST to that endpoint it returns an error 404 not found.

Use the JWT to access EU

hello, I have a project hosted on the European servers but I can't use the api to access it. I can get a JWT with "URL = "<"> body = {"api_token": "<API token>"}". But when I try to use ""<""> in a command for example, I get back "{"errors":["Please use JWT for authentication"]}"" even though I write ".header("Authorization", "Token api=<JWT>".

i want all the task list from but api have limit of 1000 records only

if i have 2600 task records in a single project, how can i get that data i api, can someone please help me out.

Fieldwire Form Topics

Is there a way to pull data from specific form attributes across projects? For example, I want to know what Safety Topics our teams are attaching to their safety form each week. The attribute would be Short Text in a table.

Is there an API to get all the watchers of all tasks in a Project

I'm looking for an API similar to <{project_id}/tasks/tags> but instead of returning the tag ids it returns the user ids. Is this a possibility? Currently it appears there isn't even an OpenAPI documented way of collecting the users watching a specific task. Thanks!

Unable to generate a task through httpclient

I am trying to generate a task using HttpClient. When i do this on the API Reference sandbox, this works fine. I copy the relevant code into my project with the same body and headers and i keep getting a 422 error returned.

I would like to get 'categories' I think they're called.

How do get actual non meta data for a project? I want to know firestopping, client will address etc. I see they are in the 'categories' section of the report builder. But I can't find them in the brief explanations in the API quick introduction. Is there a more in-depth guide to the API; besides the brief API guide and reference listed above?

Getting the JID for the report

I would like to retrieve a report through the API but it is asking for a JID and I don't know how to generate one.

Unable to make calls to API

I am trying to use the API Reference docs to try the Create Project API endpoint. When i am adding my API Token, the regex is failing, as i assume this is looking for a 40 character string and I am receiving a 64 character string from the API Token. The only response I get when i press the "Try Me!" button is a 401: not authorized response. I have tried this with multiple generated tokens and am having the same issue each time. I have also tried running this in postman and am getting a similar issue.

what does this error mean?

Entity not found: (Active) Project with ids