2023-01-25 Attachment Markups endpoint deprecation

Attachment Markups endpoint deprecation

The Attachment Markups endpoint is being deprecated in favor of unique endpoints for markups on photos in the location they are used (ie Forms, Plans, Tasks).

When a photo is uploaded to Fieldwire it is usually either attached to a specific location (e.g. Plans, Tasks, Forms) or to the Photos tab. Previously when you attached an existing photo, photos used to be duplicated. This allowed for a photo to contain different markups for each location the photo is used. This presented problems for the photo as a duplicate photo didn’t retain metadata (e.g. upload date) from the original photo it was duplicated from. This new change allows attachment entities (attachments attached to forms, plans, or tasks) to now be a single source of truth for photos so they can be reused in multiple locations.

The following new endpoints have been added for individual photo entities so that markups can be added based on the desired location:

  • form_section_record_input_value
  • attachments_multi_hyperlinks
  • Rfi_attachments

The endpoints to create markups on photos are based on their location, and have also changed (except for photo markups on tasks):

  • Tasks Attachment/Bubble Markup - Create a new bubble markup (Same as before)
  • Forms Attachment/FSRIV (FormSectionRecordInputValue) Markup - Create a new form_section_record_input_value_markup (new)
  • Plans Attachment/AMH (AttachmentMultiHyperlink) Markup - Create a new attachments_multi_hyperlink_markup (new)
  • RFIs Attachment/RfiAttachment Markup - Create a new rfi_attachment_markup (new)

The attachment can also be reused based on the attachment_id without affecting the original attachment.

Note that the endpoint for photos attached to tasks has not changed.

This version change is supported by the api version: 2023-01-25.

These changes have been released in the API since January 25, 2023.

If you are utilizing the attachment_markups endpoints, please update to use the new endpoints, to get/create/update/delete markups as needed. You can use the older version while you update by setting the Fieldwire-Version to: 2023-01-24