Project hierarchy

Is there any consideration to move away from a project hierarchy in the API structure? By this I mean creating endpoints for tasks, users, floorplans etc, independent of projects. For example if a certain endpoint returned all records for a given API token regardless of project and didn't require project specific authentication, it would isolate each entity to its own stream which is helpful for streaming solutions using the API.



Schema support

In the future, would it be possible to add endpoints that will return the schema for any given entity (tasks, users, projects etc)? Is there any way to retrieve these schema dynamically right now?

Saving of pre-filled forms

Hello, Can we keep a pre-filled form when we duplicate a business? Regards.

Sauvegarde des fiches pré-remplies

Bonjour, Existe-t-il un moyen de sauvegarder les fiches pré-remplies à partir d'un modèle de formulaire? Cordialement.

Endpoint All Active Projects of an Account

Currently there is an end point to get all projects of an account, which is great but, it would be nice if there another end point to get all active projects of an account. Is this on the road map, if not can it be :) Thank You Rick

Lookup Tables and Values

I've been working with the Fieldwire API for a long time now but the one thing I am wishing it had was a lookup table or a document that provided this information. Example, the end point "Get all bubbles in Task" has a property of "kind", which looking at the live data and the JSON return I see that a value of 1 is a note or comment, where as a value of 10 is a date but I am only guessing and I am in the process of creating a new application that will require I obtain the correct information. Thanks

created link related with two drawing

I would like created a task link on two reference drawing there is away to do something like that.

RFI support

Is there a timeline for API access to RFI objects?

API Calls timeout

Hi ! How many time in ms or seconds can i wait before call API again ? Cheers.