Working with Project Forms

Basic functionality guide to working with forms on a project.


Fieldwire 'Forms' is a premium module that allows users with Business and Premier subscriptions to replace paper forms with digital versions that are fast to create and distribute, easy to fill out in the field on our mobile apps, and housed permanently in a searchable Fieldwire database for improved accountability.

This guide aims to provide some how to steps for some of the most common functions when dealing with forms via the API. This will guide will not go into the structure of the form as more info can be found on the Getting Form Data page.

Prerequisite Steps

Before following any of the steps below a project must contain a form template.

Creating a form from a template

When creating a form there are two steps that take place. One to create the form record and the next to generate the form from the form template.

A form record is first created that will serve as the top most record for the form this can be created via a call to Create a new form kicks off required sidekiq workers. The minimum body that is needed to create a form is shown below.

  "creator_user_id": <user_id>,
  "last_editor_user_id": <user_id>,
  "owner_user_id": <user_id>,
  "form_template_id": "<form_template_id>",
  "checksum": "<form_template_checksum>",
  "name": "<name>"

Note: The owner_user_id is the same thing as the form assignee.

With the response of the form POST request the id can be used to trigger the generation of the form from the form template. This can be done via the Generate a new form.